Creative ideas to decorate a Room using Tribal Rugs and Carpets

A handmade tribal carpet and rug may be considered as a decorative accessory but in reality, it is an actual foundation of a gorgeous surface. If we talk about tribal rugs then these are available in various designs and in several sizes. There are two main categories or types of carpet which are primarily known as tribal carpets and rugs. The first one is Afghan carpet and the second one is Kilim. These are 100% traditional patterns because these designs have been originated many years ago.

A) Find some creative ideas for decorating a room in the right way using a tribal carpet:

  1. Perfect Size Carpet for Perfect decoration: This is very crucial if you want to decorate your room in a perfect manner then you will need a perfect size rug. For instance, when buying a dress for yourself, if you need a small size and if you happen to take a large size dress instead, it will look weird. The same thing you apply for a room. If you take a large size carpet for a small room which requires a small space for placing a carpet then it will never give a perfect look. So before buying a carpet, measure the space where you want to place it. If you want to put a rug under the seating area then prefer to take a medium size carpet. If you want to place it below the coffee table then you can place a small size tribal carpet. So you should decide the exact size and place before purchasing a handmade tribal carpet.

    Perfect Size Carpet
    Perfect Size Carpet for Home Decoration
  2.  Perfect Design: Size and design, these two points are very important which you should know when you wish to buy a handmade tribal carpet. As we know that tribal carpets have two categories so you can select Afghan carpet or Kilim rug according to your choice. You can select a pattern which is uniquely designed to contribute the look and style of the surface. This is the foremost thing that your carpet design should match with the home decor.

B) Decorating ideas with handmade rug:  There are three main ideas which you can follow for decorating your room:

  1. Decorate your surface: As we know that a carpet is the best option for decorating surface of a room but this is only possible if a handmade carpet is used in a right way. So you can use your carpet according to the place. If you want to use a handmade tribal carpet in your bedroom then you can place it in front of the bed or beside.  If you want to place a rug in your living room then you can place it in whole room or in the center of room. It depends on the size of carpet. You can also put a handmade carpet in your dining room. A handmade carpet adds extra coziness and personal touch to your room.

    Surface Decoration
    Surface Decoration
  2. Decorate your wall: You can also use a tribal carpet as a wall hanging. Tribal carpets contain unique and old design pattern. So it will surely make a focal point of your beautiful home.

    Beautiful wall decoration
    Beautiful wall decoration

C) Using a Tribal Rug in different designs and patterns:-

  1. Mori Bukhara Design: Bukhara design resembles the foot prints of elephant. This type carpet is mostly woven in rust color or deep red colors.
  2. Caucasian Afghan: This type of carpet contains a flower pot type design on ground of carpet and filled with small floral motifs. If your room theme is floral then you can select this design for your room.
  3. Moroccan Killim: This design contains a diamond shape in center and carpet have small designs and tiny motifs. These type of carpets are mainly found in red or blue color.

    handmade Tribal Rug for home decoration
    handmade Tribal Rug for home decoration


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