Say Those Special Words To Your Loved One With A Perfect Handmade Rug

Tick Tock! And the clock is ticking. It’s the month of love and you must be wondering how to make your significant other feel special and on cloud nine. Roses, flowers, chocolates and candies are cliché and are so 2012. Step up your game and gift your loved one something that can be cherished for a long time and passed on from generations to come. Still running out of ideas? Read on.

handmade rug

The Perfect idea to make that someone special feel loved is to surprise him or her with a perfect Handmade rug, this winter. This shall not only provide warmth and comfort to a space but shall also remind your loved one about you everyday. A handmade rug speaks volumes and portrays the thought and consideration that has gone into it in deciding and picking one for that someone special’s place.

A lot of people are of the notion that a handmade carpet would cost a fortune and will require a huge amount of investment. Fret not!! A hand woven rug is of superior quality if made in the best silk or in New Zealand wool. Also, these are durable and are conducive for high traffic areas. Some people think that buying a machine made rug would be better since its inexpensive. But one must keep in mind that machine made rugs are not durable and start wearing and tearing before you even know. Now, common you don’t want to look cheap especially if you’re gifting this rug to your loved one.

Now, if you’re confused as to what color to choose and the size etc. Again, do not worry. Firstly, do not pick something completely outrageous that would freak her out. Choose something that has neutral colors or pick her favorite color rug that would either match with her décor or is close enough. As far as the size is concerned,  if you could figure a way out to measure up the space, kudos to you. If not, pick a size closer to what would fit in an area where you anticipate to lay the rug. One quick tip is to rather pick a carpet that would be slightly smaller as opposed to picking one that would absolutely not fit and would be over sized.

When you buy something made by a person, there is something there and you do feel it. The consciousness with which the thing is made is often more important than the thing itself. Similarly, your loved one would certainly appreciate the thought that has gone into buying something extraordinary for her.

We suggest to not make reservations for dinner but instead make dinner at home and enjoy this special day with your loved one on a cosy handmade rug which can be cherished for years altogether. So, throw away the idea of passé gifts and make her feel special on this 14th February. We can assure that your significant other will feel on top of the world, with this special gift on this special occasion.