4 Rugs that transform a house into a home

Handmade carpets and rugs are the best things which can convert a house into a home by creating a comfortable area with personal touch to the entire space. Handmade carpet is the most important decorative thing which you should count as a first priority. A handmade area rug adds interest, color, pattern, coziness to the floor. You can easily sit on the floor in summers and winter as well. Here we have compiled four beautiful carpets from latest collection on Rugs and Beyond. Choose your favorite one and give a new statement to your floor and add a personal touch to your room.

Dancing Moor Hand-knotted Wool Rug:


Dancing Moor is a beautiful, “One of a kind” design pattern area rug which is woven in pure Kashmiri wool and cotton material. This gorgeous woollen area rug from Rugs and Beyond wool area rug collection. It contains multi-colors but the primary colors are blue rust and sky blue color. The ground of this carpet contains peacock motifs on the ground and the center contains a medallion pattern. The border is in rust colors and contains lotus floral bold motifs. Due to an intricate design pattern and dark colors, and wool material, you can use it in a high traffic area as well as a low traffic area. But don’t put this rug outside of your home.

Chattering Birds Handknotted Silk Rug:


Now it’s time to give a luxurious look to space. Chattering Birds area rug is made in pure Mulberry silk and it is known as the finest material carpet worldwide. Pure silk on silk area rugs is expensive as compared to the silk on cotton carpet and wool area rug. So, you can put it in a low traffic area. This is a hand knotted area rug which is woven on a handloom by hand. Chrome dye and wet dyeing process are used for giving vibrant and perfect colors to this carpet. It contains a medallion pattern design with a pictorial pattern mix. The ground of this rug contains bird’s motifs and center of this rug contains a medallion pattern. For cleaning this rug, I suggest you to concern professional cleaner because it is expensive and if you don’t have knowledge about rug and you will try to clean it then it may be destroyed pile and beauty of carpet. Or, take suggestions from carpet manufacturer or read how you can clean your rug at home.

Krishna Chakra Kashmiri silk Carpet:


This is a pure Kashmir silk area rug which is made in pure mulberry silk. The design of this carpet is “One of a kind” and gives an outstanding look to the carpet. This is made in Ardabil design pattern. The center of this carpet contains a circular medallion which  looks like a chakra (wheel) and it is made in three colors. The ground is in ivory color and contains floral motifs in brown and green colors.

Thousand Words Wall Hanging Area Rug:


A Thousand words wall hanging carpet is made in hand-spun wool and cotton material. You can use this carpet for the floor purpose but it is most appropriate for the wall purpose because it contains a pictorial pattern. It is a highly durable and 100% hand washable rug. So, select a perfect rug from the above and give a unique look to your décor.

Mistakes to avoid before buying handmade carpets

Handmade rug and carpet is the best accessory for decorating a room.
It provides texture, color, warm touch and coziness to space.
Handmade area rugs take many months to weave because it contains
multi-colors, intricate design and woven by hand only. IT is made
using knot by knot and piles. The time duration depends on the
design, color combination and size of carpet. It also depends on the
material of carpet. For example, the same size wool carpet takes less
time to complete than a pure silk carpet because silk yarn is thin as
compared to the wool. If you want to buy a rug online then make sure
about the below points because buying a handmade rug means
spending a lot of money.
Buy a long-lasting carpet: One of the biggest mistakes is that you
have to choose all your accessories and decorations material before
deciding for a rug. If you already have all the accessories, you have
no choice but to buy a perfect rug which will be a complement to your
décor depends on your decision. I suggest you work with a small
carpet which is called a sample. You can ask for a carpet sample and
can match with your décor. It is more beneficial to buy before
spending a lot of money. A handmade carpet is more durable than
furniture and the other decorative accessory. You can use for more
than 40 years easily. So, at one time decide all things and after that
select a carpet which is highly durable for you. It depends on the
traffic in a room and material of carpet.
Select right material: For the high traffic area, shop a wool area rug.
Never buy a silk carpet for a high traffic area. Wool is the best natural
material for using entire space in a home.
Size of entire space: – For finding a perfect rug, you should know the
actual size of the place where you want to put your carpet. So before
buying a handmade carpet decide that what is the size of space and in
which way you want to place your carpet? Carpet size is depending
on the furniture size. For example: If you have a small family then
you may use a small sofa or furniture, in this condition you can buy a
small carpet for you. Place this carpet in the center of your living
room and place table on it. If you want to cover the whole surface of
your living room then you can buy a big size carpet (8’x10’+). Using
a large carpet is the best option because when you pull your chair or
furniture for sitting on it then carpet will not be folded. You can also
use a runner in the entryway of a living room.
See Review: If you are going to buy a rug online then first read the
reviews on Google. If there are any negative review or no reviews
then don’t buy from that website.
Don’t buy from a tourist place: We see in our general life that all
things are very expensive at tourist place so avoid shopping rug from
those places.

What’s inside minimalist interior design and how to make it work for you?

Interior design is the job of specialists who have the required qualification, training, and experience in space planning, furniture design, and architecture. First, you must create the home interior with help from professional interior designers and then try your hand in decorating it. Although we often use the terms interior design and interior decoration interchangeably, these are entirely different things because decoration focuses only on aesthetics that does not always require formal training to implement. Anyone with an inherent sense of art and decoration can try their hand at it, but for interior design, you must rely on qualified and trained professionals only. Interior design is about functionality and technicality coupled with aesthetics, but interior decoration focuses exclusively on the cosmetic aspects.

home decor

Professional interior designers create a highly functional home interior that creates a mood or feeling and shows off the personality of the inhabitants.  Blending function, mood, and personality are the goals of interior designers who first select a style for your home interior. It helps to promote the design principles of harmony and unity that unifies the entire home against a theme. And it all begins by choosing a style like the minimalist interior designthat revolves around the use of functional furniture and internal objects as well as geometric shapes and a combination of one or two basic colors.

What minimalist design style means, why you will love it and how you can create minimalist style are the topics of discussion of this article.

Minimalist design style – what is it?

Achieving more with little is the spirit behind the minimalist design style that made its appearance in the interior design landscape during the early nineties. The style has never faded in its appeal and designers have used it for creating homes that are warm and nuanced and always remain relevant with the times never going off-trend or out of style due to the well-judged and practical approaches. To apply the concept of ‘less is more’ in design, designers tone the décor down, keep it sparse, pare everything back and takes the approach of using objects with good reason behind it and never allowing anything superfluous to creep in.

The thoughts must be clean and simple comprising of modern lines backed by a concise color palette with tight edit and pared-down silhouettes that all add up to create a warm rich and inviting home interior that is layered enough to create a gallery-like setting in every room.  It creates a space that is comfortable and cozy and becomes the most sought after refuge.

Decorative Home

Why go for a minimalist style?

  • Making small spaces look big by creating a virtual effect or illusion is the most basic reason for choosing a minimalist style.
  • Since there is a reason for choosing every element of design, there is no fear of crowding the space with unwanted things.
  • The minimalist approach is about refining the design with a need-based approach to enhance the beauty of spaces, which saves wasteful expenditure in bringing in too many features and furnishings that you do not need.
  • It is easy to create a minimalist design, which is also easy to source, and the design pieces are easy to manage for creating the desired looks.
  • Despite the simplistic approach in design, minimalist style remains trendy at all times as it never goes out of style.

Creating a minimalist style

Knowing what you should highlight holds the key in creating successful minimalist design styles that bring to the fore bare-boned beauty and accentuates the architectural details of homes provided you know how to use it to your advantage by revealing and creating designs around it.   Minimalist style revolves around balancing the needs with style by giving due importance to both aspects in equal measures by justifying the inclusion of each element of design that helps to keep a tight check on its use by avoiding crowding.  To achieve the goals of minimalist style, focus on de-cluttering as much as possible. Invest in stylish space-saving storage that meets the goal of achieving more with less, which is the driving spirit of the style.

The style touches upon everything from colors to textiles and from furniture selection to accessories that create a harmony to uphold the style.

Colors that promote minimalism

Choosing colors for creating a minimalist style requires some good thought because it is important to maintain the subdued appeal of the style.  Depending on three color shades with the hues varying subtly to create individuality is the best way to plan the color scheme that suits all places across the home from bedrooms to living spaces. Maintaining consistency in the concise color palette is critical to support the cause. Using neutral colors help to keep the style grounded as it is easy to work with white, black, cream, and grey.

Furniture selection

Furniture helps to create a well-balanced space where people would like to spend a long time, and you must select furniture and furnishings with some thought that goes well with the design philosophy. To get the most from your budget, invest in quality minimalist home décor by taking a simplistic approach in interior design and decoration. Each piece of furniture should stand on its own without creating any negative vibes arising from its poor quality. Classic looks of furniture would be the best bet to complement the timeless appeal of minimalist style.

Textiles selection

To create a quiet visual display, the choice of textiles and fabrics in an array of designs can provide added richness and warmth throughout the home. Have sparse furniture even in bedrooms that have simple lines and attractive texture to add variety without appearing too much heavy. To get the best from minimalist design, you must learn the art of sticking to a range of complementary hues and use hides, fur, and textured textiles that not only add interest but creates an air of unexpected joy. While using graphics in the textiles is most welcome, stick to the concise color scheme in the prints and patterns.

Straightforward and charming are the cornerstones of minimalist design that have inspired designers and homeowners.