Brief Guide : Hand Knotted Afghan Rugs

Rug weaving has been an integral part of the Afghan region. They have been producing quality rugs since time immemorial and represent a diverse range of cultures and artistic patterns. Afghan carpets form a primordial part of Afghanistan and are thick, durable and are influenced by Persian and Oriental design patterns.

Weaving of Afghan Rug

There are various factors to consider before buying an afghan rug. One should always check the origin and confirm its authenticity. It should be thick and made of good quality wool. Cheap afghan rugs are available in plenty but often don’t make a good choice for a living space. They are not durable and can easily be worn or torn off.

Red Afghan Bokhara Rug

Popular handmade afghan rugs are Bokhara, Turkomen and Baluch to name a few. Each of these designs has originated from various regions in Afghanistan. Most of the afghan rugs are woven on small portable looms and colors are dyed according to color combinations. The tribal afghan rugs use vegetable dyes more than natural dyes to bring about herbal toned look. These rugs are hand knotted and are of fine quality. Such rugs make a popular choice for living spaces and it is easy to match the rest of the décor around it.

Hence, for today’s living spaces, afghani rugs make a good choice, if one is looking to decorate or revamp their home décor. These carpets are versatile, produce warmth and comfort to an area and are highly conducive for high traffic areas.