Top 5 Tips & Care How to Clean Rugs And Carpet Without Using Any Toxic Chemical

Top 5 Tips & Care How to Clean Rugs And Carpet Without Using Any Toxic Chemical

red wine

What happens on a Friday night when a guest spills a glass of red wine on your favorite rug or your adorable pet ruins your rug and leaves a stain on it? Your heart sinks. Neither you will ask your guest to leave nor you will get rig of your little pooch or cat. No need to fret about it and there are a number of ways to immediately take care of your handmade rug. The first and foremost thing should be to use a damp cloth and clean the rug from the outside to the inner spot so that you do not get the spot right inside the fiber. Alternatively, after a DIY procedure, it is recommended to leave your rug under direct sunlight for a few hours to combat any remaining stains.

pet stains

As far as pet stains are concerned, one’s biggest worry is the possibility of discoloration of the fiber. It is strongly advised to remove the urine of the pet from the rug. The longer the urine sits on the rug, the more damaged it is likely to be. Additionally, one can also use a cleaning solution from the local store to prevent any remaining spots on the carpet and blot up excess moisture.

For a day-to-day cleaning for your traditional handmade rugs or modern carpets, one can just take care of it by following these under mentioned procedures to ensure the longevity of the rug:

  1. Regular vacuuming is recommended in the direction of the pile of the rug. This will maintain the quality of the rug and prevent any excess dust from accumulating inside the pile of the rug.

  2. It is also advised to invert the rug with the back of the rug being on top and leave it under direct sunlight. This is a good way to preserve the rug in its original form and prevent it from any moths, bugs etc.

  3. Many a times, as a layman, one gives their expensive rugs to dry cleaners who usually apply the same procedure to clean the rugs as it is used in cleaning garments which ruins the rug in turn. They use toxic chemicals and ammonia based solutions to clean the rug, which ruins the rug completely.

  4. Rug CleaningIf the color of the rug changes after its cleaning, it basically indicates that loose colors were used in the carpet or the rug was painted to hide its defects. In such cases, one must be careful of buying these precious handmade beauties from recommended places and should avoid tourist shops.

  5. Lastly, one must note that most of the rugs appreciate in value with time. A lot of times, a rug fades in color if kept under direct sunlight. One must not confuse with this discoloration of rug. This is known as abrash which basically means intentional discoloration or fading of rug in the process of direct sunlight.

Hence, to conclude a DIY( do-it-yourself) procedure works well in cleaning, repair and maintenance of your rug. Now, there is no need to fret about pet stains, throw-up stains or wine marks. Vacuum regularly and occasionally, leave the rug under direct sunlight to get rid of excess moisture and never give your precious carpet to dry cleaners.