Top 3 ways of Easter decorating your room this March 2018

Easter is at the corner and this is the best time to mix and match your home interior with spring decoration. Give a festive look to your décor with new ideas. Easter is all about new life. It’s about remembering the importance of fresh starts and cherishing the season. Around Easter, flowers start to bloom and the weather gets warmer. We’re surrounded by color, sunshine, family, and friends. If you’re entertaining this Easter and want to dress up your home, there are many simple Easter crafts that will impress your guests. Find the top three ways to decorate your living area below-

Glitter Easter egg:

Make your Easter decor more joyful with these glitters Easter eggs. To make them last even longer (and let you save them for next year), you can blow out the inside. These look great showcased in a decorative bowl or vase. For making Easter Eggs, take eggs according to your need and boil it in a pan with water. After boiling leave it for 20 minutes. So that when you decorate it using glitter then it will not break. Take different colors glitter and decorate it in a beautiful way. You can put it on the dying table or in living area. This is the best way to show the Easter Decoration.

easter decoration

Add Easter Wallpaper:

This is the easiest way to change the entire look of a room. If you don’t have time to paint your wall then you can follow this magic. Buy Easter decoration wallpaper and add it to your home. It will change the look of your home instantly.  If you want to mix spring with Easter decoration then you can also take floral pattern wallpaper. This is a good way to bring spring inside your room.

easter wallpaper

Use a Handmade Carpet:

If you want to provide a finishing to your floor then use a beautiful handmade area rug. This is the best way to enhancing the beauty of a space. Flooring is the main part of a home. You can create a focal point by using a designer handmade carpet. Before buying a handmade area rug you should decide the purpose for what you need the carpet. For example, if you want to represent spring then you can take multi vibrant floral handmade carpets but if you want to buy a rug for Easter decoration then you should take a pastel color carpet otherwise you can take a carpet which contains pastel color ground with vibrant medallion pattern. For the material, handmade carpets are woven in natural fabrics like pure silk, pure wool, and cotton. You can take it according to your choice. If you want to place your rug in a high traffic area then you can buy handmade wool carpet and for the low traffic area, you can buy a silk area rug. If you want to use your carpet outside then handmade dhurries are best.

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The above three ideas you can use for decorating your home for the spring and Easter decoration of a home.