Top DIY Home Decor Tricks and Ideas

Do you want to decorate your home in a stylish way? For decorating a room you should require decoration accessories. There are so many accessories available in the market. If you have money and want to spend money on your home then you can buy expensive accessories which give a luxurious and stunning look to your home like a handmade carpets expensive furniture, marble titles etc but if you don’t have enough money then don’t worry for it because I am going to tell you some tricks which you can use and can make the home décor items at your home.

1) Design a door mat using river stones: –

Decor items made with own hands does not necessarily have to be complicated and intricate. This is the simplest method to decorate the entryway.

A- Take a thick cloth and cut in rectangle shape or in circle shape.

B- Take river stones in different size. If you want then you can color these in same color or in different colors.

C- Use glue (Loctite Power Grab) to fix the stone on cloth.

D- Leave it for 30 minutes. After that you can use it as a door mat.

2) Use spoons for making hooks on wall: –

This is one of the best ideas. You can use this idea if you want to decorate your home with flowers.

A- Take a spoon and fixed it (only the head part of spoon) in wall using hammer.

B- Make a curve design for hanging the flower pot in the lower side of spoon.

C- After that add more spoons in randomly on wall and hang the flowerpot on the lower part of spoons.

D- Now you can make a beautiful flower garden on your wall and can make your home more beautiful.


3) Wire Hidden Box: –

Most of the people are frustrated with wires. When you buy new slippers or shoes, you only use shoes and sleepers and through the box. Now you can also use shoe box for making a box which can hide multiple wires.

A- Take a box and cut according to how many wires or switches you want to use. For example, if you want to use three pins then you can make three holes in the box.

B- Put the intention board in the box and connect the pins and make out the pins wire through hole.

C- Make slips and paste it on the holes. For example if you put the laptop charger on the right side then stick the slip on right side and write the laptop on slip.

D- Now close the box and put on the slab.

E- Now you can use it according to your need without any wiring problem.


4) Make a fork stand using cans: –

Most of the people love cold drinks but now you can use an empty can also. Make a beautiful fork stand using this trick.

A- Make a wooden rectangle.

B- Paint it according to your choice.

C- Take the cans according to your requirement and repaint it in your favorite color.

D- Take the fevistick for sticking the cans with woolen rectangle.

E- Stick the entire rectangle with wooden rectangle and leave it in sun rays.

F- When it dried then put your forks on it and decorates your dining table.


These above tricky ideas one can follow for decorating your home without spending a lot of money and give a beautiful and unique look to your home.