Different types of modern designer rugs and carpet

As the winter nights come and temperatures begin to fall, it is natural that you want barricade in your house and want to decorate the place with some comfortable interior design facilities. Yes, the most important accessory for the winter is a beautiful handmade carpet. It is either modern carpet or traditional carpet. Selecting the design of a carpet totally depends on the interior of your home. This is not possible that you replace the all existing accessories for putting a different type carpet. You should take a carpet according to your home interior and existing products. As we know that Diwali is just about to come. Area rug and Carpet is an exclusive thing because mostly this is the one of a kind carpet and that’s why this is the expensive one. But you can find beautiful handmade carpets at very reasonable price because many companies provide offers.

Beautiful modern Carpet

A home can be decorated in two ways. The first one is traditional and second one is modern or contemporary. Traditional design carpets are woven in wool or in silk but the modern carpet are woven in wool. A modern carpet contains less design pattern as compare to a traditional design carpet. I am going to tell you about the different type of designs in modern carpets which are very popular. Handmade modern design carpets are woven in both techniques like hand knotted technique and hand tufted technique as well.

Solid design:-

Solid design means plain design. When a carpet contains plain ground with a rectangular border then this is called solid design for example, Blue Birdy Handmade Woolen DurriesThis design carpet contains dark color.

Blue Birdy Handmade Woolen Durries
Blue birdy handmade dhurry

Floral design:- 

These days, bold and beautiful flower carpets, often with dark backgrounds; make a great and colorful splash for any winter house. This design mainly contains beautiful art of nature including flowers, branches, small flower plants, leaves etc. This design is very popular due to intricate and bold motifs of the flowers. When you place floral design carpet in your room then you will feel like you are sitting or lying in a beautiful garden. This design is inspired from rose garden.

Floral design carpet
Floral design carpet

Geometrical design:-

This design includes circular shape, squares, triangles, oval, hexagonal etc. This is the most suitable design for a contemporary rug. This is also called a contemporary design.

Geo Box Contemporary Rug
Geo Box Contemporary Rug

Stripe design:-

Most of the popular design is stripe design; It contains simple lines or stripe on the ground of the carpets. The stripes may be in one color or in multi-color. Stripe design carpet is suitable with plain and dark color furniture.

Abstract design:-

Abstract design is always unique. It includes the net of floral, flags, or something human type figure etc. it gives a bohemian look.

Abstract Paint Fall Modern Carpet
Abstract Paint Fall Modern Carpet

Modern carpet is cheaper as compared to traditional carpet and takes less time. So buy a magnificent and finest quality handmade modern carpet and enhance the beauty of your home. This Diwali make your home unique and beautiful and this is only possible if you place an exclusive handmade modern carpet.