Why Should A Rug Be The Most Important Feature Of Any Given Space

Why Should A Rug Be The Most Important

A floor without a beautiful rug is just as bare as a married woman without a ring on her finger. A handmade rug is a crucial part of today’s home décor. It forms a primordial feature of any given space and exudes not only comfort and warmth but also adds exuberance to one’s home or office.

Many a times, people wonder if it is sensible to match the rest of the décor with the rug or the other way round. Rugsandbeyond’s; a premium online shopping destination of handmade carpets and rugs gives an expert advice. They say “It is mandatory to match the rest of the décor with the rug instead of matching the rug with the rest of the interiors. The primary reason for this is if a rug is chosen first, then it is easy to blend the rest of the décor to compliment the rug.” With bold patterns and intricate design, there are rugs that bring vibrancy to any given room with their unique workmanship.

In today’s times, people who are not very familiar with unique craftsmanship of handmade rugs are of the perception that a good marble or wooden flooring is suffice. However, that is not true. A bare floor looks very odd and doesn’t exhibit the beauty of a room due to lack of a handmade rug. A machine made rug on the other hand doesn’t give a very sophisticated look. There is lack of luster and sheen and at the same time it is not very durable. Many machine rugs begin to give out a pungent smell due to the rubber and clay used in it. Hence, Rugs & Beyond highly recommends a handmade rug as opposed to a machine made rug.

Behind each carpet is an extraordinary story that is depicted beautifully in these pieces of art. Such handcrafted timeless collectibles are passed on to generations as memorabilia and preserved to its truest form. Hence, a rug plays a pivotal role in a home décor considering the fact that the rest of the décor like walls, furnishings, home décor items etc. are something that are constantly changed in one’s home or office. But a good hand woven rug or carpet is something that stays on for years and years altogether and is passed on from generations to come serving as a piece of memory from its ancestors.

There are various types of rugs and carpets one can choose from depending on one’s utility. Woolen carpets with wool as a fiber are known to be one of the strongest fibers due to its tenacity and strength. Various hues of colors, innate designs, and intricate patterns form the most essential part of such carpets. Such carpets are made in Persian designs and patterns. Silk carpets on the other hand are intricately woven and give a very luxurious look to ones home interiors. Lastly, a modern or contemporary design rug is something that is easy to match with today’s home décor and can be placed in any given space and can also be used a feature rug if the rug has bright, vibrant colors.