Top 3 ways of Easter decorating your room this March 2018

Easter is at the corner and this is the best time to mix and match your home interior with spring decoration. Give a festive look to your décor with new ideas. Easter is all about new life. It’s about remembering the importance of fresh starts and cherishing the season. Around Easter, flowers start to bloom and the weather gets warmer. We’re surrounded by color, sunshine, family, and friends. If you’re entertaining this Easter and want to dress up your home, there are many simple Easter crafts that will impress your guests. Find the top three ways to decorate your living area below-

Glitter Easter egg:

Make your Easter decor more joyful with these glitters Easter eggs. To make them last even longer (and let you save them for next year), you can blow out the inside. These look great showcased in a decorative bowl or vase. For making Easter Eggs, take eggs according to your need and boil it in a pan with water. After boiling leave it for 20 minutes. So that when you decorate it using glitter then it will not break. Take different colors glitter and decorate it in a beautiful way. You can put it on the dying table or in living area. This is the best way to show the Easter Decoration.

easter decoration

Add Easter Wallpaper:

This is the easiest way to change the entire look of a room. If you don’t have time to paint your wall then you can follow this magic. Buy Easter decoration wallpaper and add it to your home. It will change the look of your home instantly.  If you want to mix spring with Easter decoration then you can also take floral pattern wallpaper. This is a good way to bring spring inside your room.

easter wallpaper

Use a Handmade Carpet:

If you want to provide a finishing to your floor then use a beautiful handmade area rug. This is the best way to enhancing the beauty of a space. Flooring is the main part of a home. You can create a focal point by using a designer handmade carpet. Before buying a handmade area rug you should decide the purpose for what you need the carpet. For example, if you want to represent spring then you can take multi vibrant floral handmade carpets but if you want to buy a rug for Easter decoration then you should take a pastel color carpet otherwise you can take a carpet which contains pastel color ground with vibrant medallion pattern. For the material, handmade carpets are woven in natural fabrics like pure silk, pure wool, and cotton. You can take it according to your choice. If you want to place your rug in a high traffic area then you can buy handmade wool carpet and for the low traffic area, you can buy a silk area rug. If you want to use your carpet outside then handmade dhurries are best.

blog 3

The above three ideas you can use for decorating your home for the spring and Easter decoration of a home.

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas and Tips- Rugs and Beyond

Entry Gate Decoration

Thanksgiving is a very old and traditional festival which is celebrated on 4th Thursday of every November in the US. For enjoying this day, US government provides a national holiday so that people can go and meet each other and give their best wishes and say thanks to one another. People use so many ideas for decorating home on thanksgiving so that they can impress their guests. There are so many things which you can use to make your home look more beautiful and comfortable. I am going to tell you about some best ideas which you can follow to decorate your home. Please read below-

1) Create a message board:-

As we know that, many family member or guests come for thanksgiving so that they can express their gratitude and feelings. First of all, take a paper and cut it like a leaf. You can use scrapbook in different colors for this. After that write the message on leaves for your guests and stick it on the board.

blog 1
A beautiful message board

2) Put creative candle holders: –

Candles are usually used for home decoration. Candles can convert any dull place to a more romantic and peaceful haven. So you can use creative candle holders for decorating your dining table and living room. Take three or four white pumpkins and clean inside using a narrow stick or spoon. After that, place a candle in it. Decorate pumpkins around the candle similar to the image below.

Candle holder
Candle holder

3) Place a beautiful Carpet:-

November means winter and for the winter season a handmade carpet is the most important thing. Handmade area rug provides warmth and cosy touch to a place.  If you have a pet and a baby then it converts important to compulsory things because it will protect your baby from cold surface when he/she scrolling on the surface. This is a special day or we can say that this is a good chance to show your taste and personality to others. So take a beautiful handmade silk area rug which contains Tree of life design pattern. Tree of life design contains tree, birds and flower motifs. So for this day this design is most suitable for a home decor.

blog 3
Beautiful Tree of Life area Rug

4) Thank you wreath on entry gate:-

A “thank you” wreath sets a welcome thank you note at your front door. To decorate a homemade wreath with a rose, fur, cotton stripes, decorate it in your own way and add this to your front door.

Entry Gate Decoration
Entry Gate Decoration

5) Decorate your wall:-

There are so many ways to decorate a room wall. Some people prefer to use photos and someone use mirrors but you can do something special instead of using mirror and photos. Take a blank board and hang it on your wall. After that take a scrapbook and cut it in leaf shapes. Count it until you have 30 leaves. When you have thirty leaves then attach it to each other’s using thread hang it in the frame. Write your thoughts every day on the back side of leaf. And write the current date at front side. This is a unique way to decorate your room wall.

beautiful wall decoration
Eye-Catchy wall decoration

These above ideas are a perfect way that you can follow to make your room more welcoming. Online stores such as Rugsandbeyond are great websites to shop for home decor and handmade carpets.

Upcoming Black Friday Sale! Why and Where to Shop Rugs Online?

Many Festivals and holidays are just about to come, many guests will come meet to you and your family. Do you want to impress them? Decorate your home with one of kind accents which you can buy from online websites. This is festival time so many websites provide huge offers on expensive items like furniture and handmade carpetsAs we know that winter season is approaching and all people need to provide warmth touch to their place. Nobody wants to put their bare foot on a cold surface. So buying a handmade carpet for the floor is the best decision. 


1) Why handmade carpet is important:-

Handmade carpets are needed for every place like bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, hall and corridor. So I am going to tell you that why a handmade carpet is important and after that I will tell you the best shop where you can find the “one of a kind” handmade carpet.

2) Add warmth and cosy touch:- 

For adding warmth and cosy touch to your room, handmade carpets and rugs are the best options. These handmade rugs, durries, and carpets protect your expensive floor tiles from dust, spots, and dullness. This is especially very important in winter but it doesn’t mean that you cannot use it in summer. In the winter season, it protects your beautiful soft feet from the coldsurface. Handmade area rugs are non slippy so it will protect you from a slippery surface. 

living room

3) Can make focal point:-

Handmade carpets have “One of a kind” design pattern. These are very exclusive carpets so you can use it for creating focal point in your room. 

4) Highly durable:-

These handmade area rugs are woven in hand knotted technique that’s why these are highly durable. You can use handmade carpets for a long time without any manufacturing complaints.

5) 100% hand washable:

Handmade carpets don’t need any professional cleaning if you regularly vacuum it and care for it. You can wash it by hand at your home. You can also use detergent and soft hair brush for scrubbing on the spot. Do not use a washing machine to wash these type of carpet otherwise the all threads come out.


6) Can use for multi-purpose:-

 You can use a handmade carpet for protecting your floor, for sitting on floor, making as a focal point and for wall hanging. If you use a handmade carpet for wall hanging then it absorb the sounds which comes from outside and also protect you from cold air which comes from window sides. 
                                          Now I am going to tell you about the best online shop and retail store where you can find your perfect carpet.
Rugs and Beyond is the best online website for the handmade carpet. They have huge stock in silk, afghan, wool, cotton materialFor this festival time, Rugs and Beyond offers huge discount on beautiful carpets so you can find your dreamy carpet at reasonable price. 

If you want to buy handmade area rug for your home from a carpet store then you can visit to Yak Carpet. Yak Carpet situated in New Delhi. They have huge collections of beautiful area rugs in several sizes and various designs. 

                                                                                    So buy handmade carpets from Rugs and Beyond or Yak Carpet and enhance the beauty of your home during this festival time.

Different types of modern designer rugs and carpet

As the winter nights come and temperatures begin to fall, it is natural that you want barricade in your house and want to decorate the place with some comfortable interior design facilities. Yes, the most important accessory for the winter is a beautiful handmade carpet. It is either modern carpet or traditional carpet. Selecting the design of a carpet totally depends on the interior of your home. This is not possible that you replace the all existing accessories for putting a different type carpet. You should take a carpet according to your home interior and existing products. As we know that Diwali is just about to come. Area rug and Carpet is an exclusive thing because mostly this is the one of a kind carpet and that’s why this is the expensive one. But you can find beautiful handmade carpets at very reasonable price because many companies provide offers.

Beautiful modern Carpet

A home can be decorated in two ways. The first one is traditional and second one is modern or contemporary. Traditional design carpets are woven in wool or in silk but the modern carpet are woven in wool. A modern carpet contains less design pattern as compare to a traditional design carpet. I am going to tell you about the different type of designs in modern carpets which are very popular. Handmade modern design carpets are woven in both techniques like hand knotted technique and hand tufted technique as well.

Solid design:-

Solid design means plain design. When a carpet contains plain ground with a rectangular border then this is called solid design for example, Blue Birdy Handmade Woolen DurriesThis design carpet contains dark color.

Blue Birdy Handmade Woolen Durries
Blue birdy handmade dhurry

Floral design:- 

These days, bold and beautiful flower carpets, often with dark backgrounds; make a great and colorful splash for any winter house. This design mainly contains beautiful art of nature including flowers, branches, small flower plants, leaves etc. This design is very popular due to intricate and bold motifs of the flowers. When you place floral design carpet in your room then you will feel like you are sitting or lying in a beautiful garden. This design is inspired from rose garden.

Floral design carpet
Floral design carpet

Geometrical design:-

This design includes circular shape, squares, triangles, oval, hexagonal etc. This is the most suitable design for a contemporary rug. This is also called a contemporary design.

Geo Box Contemporary Rug
Geo Box Contemporary Rug

Stripe design:-

Most of the popular design is stripe design; It contains simple lines or stripe on the ground of the carpets. The stripes may be in one color or in multi-color. Stripe design carpet is suitable with plain and dark color furniture.

Abstract design:-

Abstract design is always unique. It includes the net of floral, flags, or something human type figure etc. it gives a bohemian look.

Abstract Paint Fall Modern Carpet
Abstract Paint Fall Modern Carpet

Modern carpet is cheaper as compared to traditional carpet and takes less time. So buy a magnificent and finest quality handmade modern carpet and enhance the beauty of your home. This Diwali make your home unique and beautiful and this is only possible if you place an exclusive handmade modern carpet.