Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas and Tips- Rugs and Beyond

Entry Gate Decoration

Thanksgiving is a very old and traditional festival which is celebrated on 4th Thursday of every November in the US. For enjoying this day, US government provides a national holiday so that people can go and meet each other and give their best wishes and say thanks to one another. People use so many ideas for decorating home on thanksgiving so that they can impress their guests. There are so many things which you can use to make your home look more beautiful and comfortable. I am going to tell you about some best ideas which you can follow to decorate your home. Please read below-

1) Create a message board:-

As we know that, many family member or guests come for thanksgiving so that they can express their gratitude and feelings. First of all, take a paper and cut it like a leaf. You can use scrapbook in different colors for this. After that write the message on leaves for your guests and stick it on the board.

blog 1
A beautiful message board

2) Put creative candle holders: –

Candles are usually used for home decoration. Candles can convert any dull place to a more romantic and peaceful haven. So you can use creative candle holders for decorating your dining table and living room. Take three or four white pumpkins and clean inside using a narrow stick or spoon. After that, place a candle in it. Decorate pumpkins around the candle similar to the image below.

Candle holder
Candle holder

3) Place a beautiful Carpet:-

November means winter and for the winter season a handmade carpet is the most important thing. Handmade area rug provides warmth and cosy touch to a place.  If you have a pet and a baby then it converts important to compulsory things because it will protect your baby from cold surface when he/she scrolling on the surface. This is a special day or we can say that this is a good chance to show your taste and personality to others. So take a beautiful handmade silk area rug which contains Tree of life design pattern. Tree of life design contains tree, birds and flower motifs. So for this day this design is most suitable for a home decor.

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Beautiful Tree of Life area Rug

4) Thank you wreath on entry gate:-

A “thank you” wreath sets a welcome thank you note at your front door. To decorate a homemade wreath with a rose, fur, cotton stripes, decorate it in your own way and add this to your front door.

Entry Gate Decoration
Entry Gate Decoration

5) Decorate your wall:-

There are so many ways to decorate a room wall. Some people prefer to use photos and someone use mirrors but you can do something special instead of using mirror and photos. Take a blank board and hang it on your wall. After that take a scrapbook and cut it in leaf shapes. Count it until you have 30 leaves. When you have thirty leaves then attach it to each other’s using thread hang it in the frame. Write your thoughts every day on the back side of leaf. And write the current date at front side. This is a unique way to decorate your room wall.

beautiful wall decoration
Eye-Catchy wall decoration

These above ideas are a perfect way that you can follow to make your room more welcoming. Online stores such as Rugsandbeyond are great websites to shop for home decor and handmade carpets.

Decorating Tips and Ideas around a Handmade Silk Rug

Handmade silk rugs are very exclusive rugs. We can say that a handmade silk rug is the king of all types of carpets due to its exclusivity. These are expensive but when you used it then you will find that you spent your money in a right way and it was totally worth it. These are available online as well as in retail shops of handmade rugs and carpets. When you buy a handmade silk carpet then always ask questions regarding the silk because many of the retailers sell artificial silk which is made in nylon, and really looks like pure silk. If you don’t have knowledge regarding handmade carpets and machine made carpets or pure silk and artificial silk then you may find it hard to distinguish between good quality carpets and bad quality rugs. I am going to tell you some tips which will help you identify the difference between pure silk and artificial silk and handmade carpet and machine made carpet. When you are going to buy a new silk carpet for your home then rub on the carpet, if it getting warm it means this is pure silk and if it is in normal condition then it means this is artificial silk. In order to test a handmade rug, you can identify by checking the back side. If all knots are in exact symmetric and in a uniform way it means this carpet is machine made. Also, one can count the number of knots as well with an eye glass.

                          Placement of a beautiful silk Carpet

Select size, color and style: – This is the most important thing that you have to select the color combination, size, and design according to your home interior. If you have a modern home interior then you can select a bright color with less design pattern carpet such as contemporary, abstract, Geometrical etc. If your home interior is in traditional categories then you can select Tree of life, floral design, Kashan design, Qum design carpets. You can easily find your color combination because silk carpets have a very intricate pattern with small motifs in multi colors.

                                 Silk Rug with perfect size and color

Place handmade silk carpet in between furniture: – If you have small handmade silk carpet then you can put it in the center of the furniture. And put the table on it. If you have a large room and 9×12 or 8×10 size carpet is a good fit and then you can place it in your living room as well as in your bedroom. And if you want to decorate your living room then place it in a living room and put the furniture in the center of the room.

Decorate your bedroom with silk carpet: – Silk carpet has a very soft touch and is suitable for a bedroom. A bedroom is a place where we spend much time. You can place handmade silk rug in front of the bed if the size of the carpet is 4×6 or 3×5 feet. If you have runner then you can put it in beside of the bed. You can also use a small silk carpet as a door mate and put it at close to door.

Use for the wall hangings: – Carpets are not only used for the surface area. You can use it for the wall hanging and decorating your wall. Silk carpets are best for the wall hanging. You can hang it behind your bed or in the living room front of the entry gate.

                                             An Ideal Rug For Wall Hanging