Different types of modern designer rugs and carpet

As the winter nights come and temperatures begin to fall, it is natural that you want barricade in your house and want to decorate the place with some comfortable interior design facilities. Yes, the most important accessory for the winter is a beautiful handmade carpet. It is either modern carpet or traditional carpet. Selecting the design of a carpet totally depends on the interior of your home. This is not possible that you replace the all existing accessories for putting a different type carpet. You should take a carpet according to your home interior and existing products. As we know that Diwali is just about to come. Area rug and Carpet is an exclusive thing because mostly this is the one of a kind carpet and that’s why this is the expensive one. But you can find beautiful handmade carpets at very reasonable price because many companies provide offers.

Beautiful modern Carpet

A home can be decorated in two ways. The first one is traditional and second one is modern or contemporary. Traditional design carpets are woven in wool or in silk but the modern carpet are woven in wool. A modern carpet contains less design pattern as compare to a traditional design carpet. I am going to tell you about the different type of designs in modern carpets which are very popular. Handmade modern design carpets are woven in both techniques like hand knotted technique and hand tufted technique as well.

Solid design:-

Solid design means plain design. When a carpet contains plain ground with a rectangular border then this is called solid design for example, Blue Birdy Handmade Woolen DurriesThis design carpet contains dark color.

Blue Birdy Handmade Woolen Durries
Blue birdy handmade dhurry

Floral design:- 

These days, bold and beautiful flower carpets, often with dark backgrounds; make a great and colorful splash for any winter house. This design mainly contains beautiful art of nature including flowers, branches, small flower plants, leaves etc. This design is very popular due to intricate and bold motifs of the flowers. When you place floral design carpet in your room then you will feel like you are sitting or lying in a beautiful garden. This design is inspired from rose garden.

Floral design carpet
Floral design carpet

Geometrical design:-

This design includes circular shape, squares, triangles, oval, hexagonal etc. This is the most suitable design for a contemporary rug. This is also called a contemporary design.

Geo Box Contemporary Rug
Geo Box Contemporary Rug

Stripe design:-

Most of the popular design is stripe design; It contains simple lines or stripe on the ground of the carpets. The stripes may be in one color or in multi-color. Stripe design carpet is suitable with plain and dark color furniture.

Abstract design:-

Abstract design is always unique. It includes the net of floral, flags, or something human type figure etc. it gives a bohemian look.

Abstract Paint Fall Modern Carpet
Abstract Paint Fall Modern Carpet

Modern carpet is cheaper as compared to traditional carpet and takes less time. So buy a magnificent and finest quality handmade modern carpet and enhance the beauty of your home. This Diwali make your home unique and beautiful and this is only possible if you place an exclusive handmade modern carpet.


Creative ideas to decorate a Room using Tribal Rugs and Carpets

A handmade tribal carpet and rug may be considered as a decorative accessory but in reality, it is an actual foundation of a gorgeous surface. If we talk about tribal rugs then these are available in various designs and in several sizes. There are two main categories or types of carpet which are primarily known as tribal carpets and rugs. The first one is Afghan carpet and the second one is Kilim. These are 100% traditional patterns because these designs have been originated many years ago.

A) Find some creative ideas for decorating a room in the right way using a tribal carpet:

  1. Perfect Size Carpet for Perfect decoration: This is very crucial if you want to decorate your room in a perfect manner then you will need a perfect size rug. For instance, when buying a dress for yourself, if you need a small size and if you happen to take a large size dress instead, it will look weird. The same thing you apply for a room. If you take a large size carpet for a small room which requires a small space for placing a carpet then it will never give a perfect look. So before buying a carpet, measure the space where you want to place it. If you want to put a rug under the seating area then prefer to take a medium size carpet. If you want to place it below the coffee table then you can place a small size tribal carpet. So you should decide the exact size and place before purchasing a handmade tribal carpet.

    Perfect Size Carpet
    Perfect Size Carpet for Home Decoration
  2.  Perfect Design: Size and design, these two points are very important which you should know when you wish to buy a handmade tribal carpet. As we know that tribal carpets have two categories so you can select Afghan carpet or Kilim rug according to your choice. You can select a pattern which is uniquely designed to contribute the look and style of the surface. This is the foremost thing that your carpet design should match with the home decor.

B) Decorating ideas with handmade rug:  There are three main ideas which you can follow for decorating your room:

  1. Decorate your surface: As we know that a carpet is the best option for decorating surface of a room but this is only possible if a handmade carpet is used in a right way. So you can use your carpet according to the place. If you want to use a handmade tribal carpet in your bedroom then you can place it in front of the bed or beside.  If you want to place a rug in your living room then you can place it in whole room or in the center of room. It depends on the size of carpet. You can also put a handmade carpet in your dining room. A handmade carpet adds extra coziness and personal touch to your room.

    Surface Decoration
    Surface Decoration
  2. Decorate your wall: You can also use a tribal carpet as a wall hanging. Tribal carpets contain unique and old design pattern. So it will surely make a focal point of your beautiful home.

    Beautiful wall decoration
    Beautiful wall decoration

C) Using a Tribal Rug in different designs and patterns:-

  1. Mori Bukhara Design: Bukhara design resembles the foot prints of elephant. This type carpet is mostly woven in rust color or deep red colors.
  2. Caucasian Afghan: This type of carpet contains a flower pot type design on ground of carpet and filled with small floral motifs. If your room theme is floral then you can select this design for your room.
  3. Moroccan Killim: This design contains a diamond shape in center and carpet have small designs and tiny motifs. These type of carpets are mainly found in red or blue color.

    handmade Tribal Rug for home decoration
    handmade Tribal Rug for home decoration


Decorating Tips and Ideas around a Handmade Silk Rug

Handmade silk rugs are very exclusive rugs. We can say that a handmade silk rug is the king of all types of carpets due to its exclusivity. These are expensive but when you used it then you will find that you spent your money in a right way and it was totally worth it. These are available online as well as in retail shops of handmade rugs and carpets. When you buy a handmade silk carpet then always ask questions regarding the silk because many of the retailers sell artificial silk which is made in nylon, and really looks like pure silk. If you don’t have knowledge regarding handmade carpets and machine made carpets or pure silk and artificial silk then you may find it hard to distinguish between good quality carpets and bad quality rugs. I am going to tell you some tips which will help you identify the difference between pure silk and artificial silk and handmade carpet and machine made carpet. When you are going to buy a new silk carpet for your home then rub on the carpet, if it getting warm it means this is pure silk and if it is in normal condition then it means this is artificial silk. In order to test a handmade rug, you can identify by checking the back side. If all knots are in exact symmetric and in a uniform way it means this carpet is machine made. Also, one can count the number of knots as well with an eye glass.

                          Placement of a beautiful silk Carpet

Select size, color and style: – This is the most important thing that you have to select the color combination, size, and design according to your home interior. If you have a modern home interior then you can select a bright color with less design pattern carpet such as contemporary, abstract, Geometrical etc. If your home interior is in traditional categories then you can select Tree of life, floral design, Kashan design, Qum design carpets. You can easily find your color combination because silk carpets have a very intricate pattern with small motifs in multi colors.

                                 Silk Rug with perfect size and color

Place handmade silk carpet in between furniture: – If you have small handmade silk carpet then you can put it in the center of the furniture. And put the table on it. If you have a large room and 9×12 or 8×10 size carpet is a good fit and then you can place it in your living room as well as in your bedroom. And if you want to decorate your living room then place it in a living room and put the furniture in the center of the room.

Decorate your bedroom with silk carpet: – Silk carpet has a very soft touch and is suitable for a bedroom. A bedroom is a place where we spend much time. You can place handmade silk rug in front of the bed if the size of the carpet is 4×6 or 3×5 feet. If you have runner then you can put it in beside of the bed. You can also use a small silk carpet as a door mate and put it at close to door.

Use for the wall hangings: – Carpets are not only used for the surface area. You can use it for the wall hanging and decorating your wall. Silk carpets are best for the wall hanging. You can hang it behind your bed or in the living room front of the entry gate.

                                             An Ideal Rug For Wall Hanging

How to Decorate a Living Room

Your living room is the most important part of your home, where you can relax and spend more time with your family and your friends. A well-decorated living room makes you and your family more comfortable in front of guests. One can make any number of changes in their living space with walls and flooring, however, there is nothing like a well done up living space. There are three main important ways to decorate and make your living room more beautiful and appealing.

1) Modern Techniques for decorating your room:

A- Hang a Painting-: You can select beautiful painting’s for hanging on your wall which is a best option to decorate your living room. You can also choose a canvas painting or something that is an accent type painting like war of kings or something related to nature according to your taste and lifestyle.

                                                 Wall hanging Painting

B- Display your favorite photographs-: You can also use your favorite photographs and best memories photographs, family photographs to decorate your living room. You can also go for a standard route by hanging small photographs of loved one’s on your wall, or you can make the space even more interesting by hanging a large photograph and centering it above sofa. You can select posters, calendars or a greeting cards with nice designs and fix these objects to the back of a frame but for calendar you can’t use frame since it will be difficult to flip the pages.

 C- Use hanging bell and mirror photograph -: You can use more small mirrors on your wall close to a window for observing light and reflecting around your living room. For mirrors you can select the same in different shapes like round, rectangle or in diamond shape. You can also use hanging bells inside your door and can use bell-jar hanging lantern in center of ceiling.

2)  Essential elements for decorating your living room-:

There are so many options for making your living room more attractive and beautiful.

A- Use neutral colors for wall and select furniture for your living room-: The wall color scheme should consist of neutral colors like beige, white, black etc. First you decide that what kind of furniture to use for living room in terms of size and color, and also determine how people use your living room and then decide the type of furniture accordingly.

                                        Light colors Interiors

B- You can use soothing green color for your wall and the furniture and pillows etc in yellow and orange, this color scheme creates a warm environment.

3)  Use Handmade Carpets or Rugs-: 

Carpet is the best and a classic option for decorating your room. Carpets also absorb sound waves inside the room and make the area softer and comfortable surface for those who want to sit, walk and also lay on the surface. This is a very integral part for home decorating. This is also very important for babies and pets in winter.  Carpets also protect a space from dust. This is the best way to make your living room more beautiful and different from other peoples home.  A Beautiful Handmade carpet can increase the overall beauty of your home and can give an amazing look to your home.

                                      Best Quality Handmade Rug 

3 Best ideas to decorate your Bed Room

A Bedroom is a sacred place where one rests his tired soul after a long days work. This space should have a personalized design and should evoke a sense of style. There are several ideas to enhance the beauty of your bedroom. From doing the walls, to changing the upholstery and decorating the overall space per se, the one thing one should not forget is to place a beautiful rug that one would wake up to every morning.  A bedroom should be such that it can provide warmth and comfort to a person and has a calming affect on the overall space of the home.

Ensure light colored walls:

A bedroom is at its best with light colored textured walls. A neutral toned wall texture makes the room appear bigger than it actually is. One can either use a wallpaper or a nice wall paint that would make it easy to match the rest of the decor. A dark colored tone would make the entire room look dingy and it would be extremely hard to complement the rest of the decor. Also, one can hang a mirror or a statement piece of art to make the bedroom even more attractive.

                                         A light colored wall magnifying overall decoration 

Place decorative accents:

The most ideal way to beautify your bedroom is to place stunning pillows, adorn your wall with family photos and paintings. One can also place bed lamps on each side of the bed and some candles to exude some soothing fragrance in the overall space. One quick tip is to ensure that the decor of the space doesn’t match 100% of the interiors of the room. As long as it complements the decor, one should be good to go.

Spread a Gorgeous rug:

What is a room without a stunning rug? It’s like a wall without a painting. Moreover, you don’t want to step on a bare floor on a cold wintery morning. Placing a beautiful rug on the bed front will add that extra finesse to your space. For the bed-side, long narrow runners are recommended depending on the size of the space available. There are a number of factors to consider while purchasing a good quality handmade rug like color combination, design, pattern, knots per square inch. It is also important to make sure that the rug matches with the rest of the decor and enhances the overall beauty of the living space. Another factor to consider is the budget and one has to make sure where to buy these rugs from so that it doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket.

home decor with Rug.jpg
                                                              A beautiful Handmade Rug

Therefore, stop procrastinating and follow the aforementioned quick fix tips to enhance the beauty of your bedroom space. Additionally, remove all the excess clutter and unwanted stuff to make your bedroom look great. Its almost 2017, why not begin your new year with new stuff around the house and make it look even more beautiful and inviting. Lastly, another quick tip would be to have a grand entrance, which will evoke a sense of luxury to the overall interior design of the space.

Medallion rugs versus All Over Pattern rugs

Choosing a rug design can be quite cumbersome. In today’s fast paced world, picking a rug for your space should be the least of one’s problems. However, it is important to know what kind of carpet would one want to pick to adorn his or her living space. A traditional rug can be usually be categorized in two types. On one hand, there are rugs with a medallion in the center of the piece that is generally a large floral pattern.  On the other hand, there are other types of pieces that have an all over floral or geometrical pattern. There are various factors to consider as deciding what kind of rug should one go in for.

Medallion Rug:

A medallion is also know as the centerpiece of the rug and is a big motif design pattern placed right in the center of the rug. When choosing a rug with a medallion pattern, it is highly recommended not to place a table on top of it. Placing any piece of furniture right in the center of the carpet not only covers or hides the medallion design but also ruins the whole look of the room.

                                                 Open Laal Bidjar
                                                  Neel Ardibil

It is best to place furniture like a table, a decorative piece etc. on the sides or corners of the rug. This way the middle design is visible and the look of the entire room is also enhanced.  Some experts are of the notion that the medallion designs stems from religious nature of the craftsman or weavers. It seems that their inspiration probably came from domes of the mosques or its artwork.

All over Pattern Rugs

All over Pattern rugs are those types of carpets that do not have a medallion in the center of the piece. Such rugs have an all over running pattern and can either be geometrical or floral. These rugs are formed by repetition of the same motif. The design is woven by nomadic weavers and the motif of a carpet can be used to determine the particular tribe, or place of origin.

                                                            French Patti
                                                        Kaala Mughal Motif

Experts highly suggest placing a piece of furniture when placing a rug with an all over pattern and without a medallion. Placement of such furniture or decorative items in the center of the rug, break the monotony of the running design pattern of the rug and also create more room to place other items on the four corners around it. In such rugs, all parts of pattern are interconnected and usually drawn without the designer’s hand being lifted.

Hence, though it is an individualistic choice to pick a rug with or without a medallion, it is highly suggested to choose one according to the look of the room and place the furniture accordingly.

Brief Guide : Hand Knotted Afghan Rugs

Rug weaving has been an integral part of the Afghan region. They have been producing quality rugs since time immemorial and represent a diverse range of cultures and artistic patterns. Afghan carpets form a primordial part of Afghanistan and are thick, durable and are influenced by Persian and Oriental design patterns.

Weaving of Afghan Rug

There are various factors to consider before buying an afghan rug. One should always check the origin and confirm its authenticity. It should be thick and made of good quality wool. Cheap afghan rugs are available in plenty but often don’t make a good choice for a living space. They are not durable and can easily be worn or torn off.

Red Afghan Bokhara Rug

Popular handmade afghan rugs are Bokhara, Turkomen and Baluch to name a few. Each of these designs has originated from various regions in Afghanistan. Most of the afghan rugs are woven on small portable looms and colors are dyed according to color combinations. The tribal afghan rugs use vegetable dyes more than natural dyes to bring about herbal toned look. These rugs are hand knotted and are of fine quality. Such rugs make a popular choice for living spaces and it is easy to match the rest of the décor around it.

Hence, for today’s living spaces, afghani rugs make a good choice, if one is looking to decorate or revamp their home décor. These carpets are versatile, produce warmth and comfort to an area and are highly conducive for high traffic areas.

Say Those Special Words To Your Loved One With A Perfect Handmade Rug

Tick Tock! And the clock is ticking. It’s the month of love and you must be wondering how to make your significant other feel special and on cloud nine. Roses, flowers, chocolates and candies are cliché and are so 2012. Step up your game and gift your loved one something that can be cherished for a long time and passed on from generations to come. Still running out of ideas? Read on.

handmade rug

The Perfect idea to make that someone special feel loved is to surprise him or her with a perfect Handmade rug, this winter. This shall not only provide warmth and comfort to a space but shall also remind your loved one about you everyday. A handmade rug speaks volumes and portrays the thought and consideration that has gone into it in deciding and picking one for that someone special’s place.

A lot of people are of the notion that a handmade carpet would cost a fortune and will require a huge amount of investment. Fret not!! A hand woven rug is of superior quality if made in the best silk or in New Zealand wool. Also, these are durable and are conducive for high traffic areas. Some people think that buying a machine made rug would be better since its inexpensive. But one must keep in mind that machine made rugs are not durable and start wearing and tearing before you even know. Now, common you don’t want to look cheap especially if you’re gifting this rug to your loved one.

Now, if you’re confused as to what color to choose and the size etc. Again, do not worry. Firstly, do not pick something completely outrageous that would freak her out. Choose something that has neutral colors or pick her favorite color rug that would either match with her décor or is close enough. As far as the size is concerned,  if you could figure a way out to measure up the space, kudos to you. If not, pick a size closer to what would fit in an area where you anticipate to lay the rug. One quick tip is to rather pick a carpet that would be slightly smaller as opposed to picking one that would absolutely not fit and would be over sized.

When you buy something made by a person, there is something there and you do feel it. The consciousness with which the thing is made is often more important than the thing itself. Similarly, your loved one would certainly appreciate the thought that has gone into buying something extraordinary for her.

We suggest to not make reservations for dinner but instead make dinner at home and enjoy this special day with your loved one on a cosy handmade rug which can be cherished for years altogether. So, throw away the idea of passé gifts and make her feel special on this 14th February. We can assure that your significant other will feel on top of the world, with this special gift on this special occasion.

Top 5 Tips & Care How to Clean Rugs And Carpet Without Using Any Toxic Chemical

Top 5 Tips & Care How to Clean Rugs And Carpet Without Using Any Toxic Chemical

red wine

What happens on a Friday night when a guest spills a glass of red wine on your favorite rug or your adorable pet ruins your rug and leaves a stain on it? Your heart sinks. Neither you will ask your guest to leave nor you will get rig of your little pooch or cat. No need to fret about it and there are a number of ways to immediately take care of your handmade rug. The first and foremost thing should be to use a damp cloth and clean the rug from the outside to the inner spot so that you do not get the spot right inside the fiber. Alternatively, after a DIY procedure, it is recommended to leave your rug under direct sunlight for a few hours to combat any remaining stains.

pet stains

As far as pet stains are concerned, one’s biggest worry is the possibility of discoloration of the fiber. It is strongly advised to remove the urine of the pet from the rug. The longer the urine sits on the rug, the more damaged it is likely to be. Additionally, one can also use a cleaning solution from the local store to prevent any remaining spots on the carpet and blot up excess moisture.

For a day-to-day cleaning for your traditional handmade rugs or modern carpets, one can just take care of it by following these under mentioned procedures to ensure the longevity of the rug:

  1. Regular vacuuming is recommended in the direction of the pile of the rug. This will maintain the quality of the rug and prevent any excess dust from accumulating inside the pile of the rug.

  2. It is also advised to invert the rug with the back of the rug being on top and leave it under direct sunlight. This is a good way to preserve the rug in its original form and prevent it from any moths, bugs etc.

  3. Many a times, as a layman, one gives their expensive rugs to dry cleaners who usually apply the same procedure to clean the rugs as it is used in cleaning garments which ruins the rug in turn. They use toxic chemicals and ammonia based solutions to clean the rug, which ruins the rug completely.

  4. Rug CleaningIf the color of the rug changes after its cleaning, it basically indicates that loose colors were used in the carpet or the rug was painted to hide its defects. In such cases, one must be careful of buying these precious handmade beauties from recommended places and should avoid tourist shops.

  5. Lastly, one must note that most of the rugs appreciate in value with time. A lot of times, a rug fades in color if kept under direct sunlight. One must not confuse with this discoloration of rug. This is known as abrash which basically means intentional discoloration or fading of rug in the process of direct sunlight.

Hence, to conclude a DIY( do-it-yourself) procedure works well in cleaning, repair and maintenance of your rug. Now, there is no need to fret about pet stains, throw-up stains or wine marks. Vacuum regularly and occasionally, leave the rug under direct sunlight to get rid of excess moisture and never give your precious carpet to dry cleaners.

Why Should A Rug Be The Most Important Feature Of Any Given Space

Why Should A Rug Be The Most Important

A floor without a beautiful rug is just as bare as a married woman without a ring on her finger. A handmade rug is a crucial part of today’s home décor. It forms a primordial feature of any given space and exudes not only comfort and warmth but also adds exuberance to one’s home or office.

Many a times, people wonder if it is sensible to match the rest of the décor with the rug or the other way round. Rugsandbeyond’s; a premium online shopping destination of handmade carpets and rugs gives an expert advice. They say “It is mandatory to match the rest of the décor with the rug instead of matching the rug with the rest of the interiors. The primary reason for this is if a rug is chosen first, then it is easy to blend the rest of the décor to compliment the rug.” With bold patterns and intricate design, there are rugs that bring vibrancy to any given room with their unique workmanship.

In today’s times, people who are not very familiar with unique craftsmanship of handmade rugs are of the perception that a good marble or wooden flooring is suffice. However, that is not true. A bare floor looks very odd and doesn’t exhibit the beauty of a room due to lack of a handmade rug. A machine made rug on the other hand doesn’t give a very sophisticated look. There is lack of luster and sheen and at the same time it is not very durable. Many machine rugs begin to give out a pungent smell due to the rubber and clay used in it. Hence, Rugs & Beyond highly recommends a handmade rug as opposed to a machine made rug.

Behind each carpet is an extraordinary story that is depicted beautifully in these pieces of art. Such handcrafted timeless collectibles are passed on to generations as memorabilia and preserved to its truest form. Hence, a rug plays a pivotal role in a home décor considering the fact that the rest of the décor like walls, furnishings, home décor items etc. are something that are constantly changed in one’s home or office. But a good hand woven rug or carpet is something that stays on for years and years altogether and is passed on from generations to come serving as a piece of memory from its ancestors.

There are various types of rugs and carpets one can choose from depending on one’s utility. Woolen carpets with wool as a fiber are known to be one of the strongest fibers due to its tenacity and strength. Various hues of colors, innate designs, and intricate patterns form the most essential part of such carpets. Such carpets are made in Persian designs and patterns. Silk carpets on the other hand are intricately woven and give a very luxurious look to ones home interiors. Lastly, a modern or contemporary design rug is something that is easy to match with today’s home décor and can be placed in any given space and can also be used a feature rug if the rug has bright, vibrant colors.