Mistakes to avoid before buying handmade carpets

Handmade rug and carpet is the best accessory for decorating a room.
It provides texture, color, warm touch and coziness to space.
Handmade area rugs take many months to weave because it contains
multi-colors, intricate design and woven by hand only. IT is made
using knot by knot and piles. The time duration depends on the
design, color combination and size of carpet. It also depends on the
material of carpet. For example, the same size wool carpet takes less
time to complete than a pure silk carpet because silk yarn is thin as
compared to the wool. If you want to buy a rug online then make sure
about the below points because buying a handmade rug means
spending a lot of money.
Buy a long-lasting carpet: One of the biggest mistakes is that you
have to choose all your accessories and decorations material before
deciding for a rug. If you already have all the accessories, you have
no choice but to buy a perfect rug which will be a complement to your
décor depends on your decision. I suggest you work with a small
carpet which is called a sample. You can ask for a carpet sample and
can match with your décor. It is more beneficial to buy before
spending a lot of money. A handmade carpet is more durable than
furniture and the other decorative accessory. You can use for more
than 40 years easily. So, at one time decide all things and after that
select a carpet which is highly durable for you. It depends on the
traffic in a room and material of carpet.
Select right material: For the high traffic area, shop a wool area rug.
Never buy a silk carpet for a high traffic area. Wool is the best natural
material for using entire space in a home.
Size of entire space: – For finding a perfect rug, you should know the
actual size of the place where you want to put your carpet. So before
buying a handmade carpet decide that what is the size of space and in
which way you want to place your carpet? Carpet size is depending
on the furniture size. For example: If you have a small family then
you may use a small sofa or furniture, in this condition you can buy a
small carpet for you. Place this carpet in the center of your living
room and place table on it. If you want to cover the whole surface of
your living room then you can buy a big size carpet (8’x10’+). Using
a large carpet is the best option because when you pull your chair or
furniture for sitting on it then carpet will not be folded. You can also
use a runner in the entryway of a living room.
See Review: If you are going to buy a rug online then first read the
reviews on Google. If there are any negative review or no reviews
then don’t buy from that website.
Don’t buy from a tourist place: We see in our general life that all
things are very expensive at tourist place so avoid shopping rug from
those places.

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