How to choose colors and material for a Handmade Rug

Handmade carpet and rugs are made in various color combinations. In traditional rug contains more than 35 colors in a single carpet. If you are not sure which color of the carpet for your bedroom, living room, or hallway, do not confuse! Consider items that are already in space, how you use the room, and how much light is it to help you choose the best color. Go with a dark shade to make the room warm and comfortable, or choose a light color to show the room larger. In short, make the decision depends on your personality and choice what color carpet you love to see in your home. I am going to tell you about some ideas about color which will help you to pick the right color carpet for your home.

Choose a carpet color that fits your existing furniture and design:

Using existing furniture and accents in your room is a great way to reduce color options. Think about the paint, furniture, art, curtains, and decorations in your room. Select a shadow that is in the same color family as the other items in the room so that everything looks united. For example, if you have a red sofa and you want to highlight your carpet then select any light color carpet like white, ivory or match with the color of wall. So that it will show as a focal point. If you put a red carpet with red sofa then it will mix and match. Carpet color should work well with the existing accessories color so it’s better to pick a natural color carpet because it will work with any color furniture perfectly.

Select Bold pattern and a darker color for high traffic area:

If you are going to buy a rug for placing it in a high traffic area then shop a dark color carpet because it will hide the spot and dust. If you place a white or ivory carpet in a hall then it will be dirty frequently. You can take a brown color, black color, dark green, dark blue color, etc. for a high traffic area.

Handmade Carpet

Shop Carpet according to your taste:

Since purchasing a carpet is an investment, choose a color that you really like, rather than that matches your space. Take 3-5 color options for your rug, and then make your decision based on personal preference.

Neutral Shades:

If you are decorating a small room, consider using a neutral shade carpet. It feels great in traditional houses and provides a luxury feeling. You can also choose beige, light gray carpets for warm, cozy options. This is a good option for living rooms and offices.

Material of Rug:

Handmade carpets and rugs are made in a purely natural material like new Zealand wool, pure mulberry silk, and cotton material. Now find the best material for your carpet-

Wool Rug:

Wool material is best for the high traffic area because it has a feature to hide stain, dust, and hair. It absorbs only 30% moisture as compared to a silk rug. This is easy to clean.

wool rug

Silk Rug:

Silk material carpet is ideal for the low traffic area because this is the most exclusive item and known for its complex design and beauty. This is thin as compared to wool area rug and you cannot wash it every month. If you place a silk rug in a high traffic area then the pile of carpet may be lost the beauty.


Cotton is used to create the base of carpet. It provides durability to the carpet. Flat-woven dhurrie is made in cotton too. You can place a cotton dhurriein indoor and outdoor as well.

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