How to channel the inner Interior designer within you using a Handmade Rug?

High quality Handmade Rug and carpet is the best plan to give an all new Look to your floor. A handcrafted territory floor covering characterizes the look of room and spruces it up in such a way, to the point that it gives an exceptional look to the whole space. Have you had a similar style for quite a long time and been needing to change? Enliven your home as per a contemporary room. Here are some incredible approaches to give your home another look by putting area rugs and carpets in various ways. A floor covering with Rug is the most critical thing which means the magnificence of a room.

Choose a Perfect color for Carpet-

Every room has a unique interior type like traditional or modern. So Every Room Need a  different type of carpet which if placed properly will make the room feel like Never Before. If you place a modern design rug in a traditional room or a traditional Silk carpet in the modern room then it will take away the charm and look of your room And it will not look upto the mark. So this is very important that you should select a carpet according to design. After deciding the carpet type, you have to be clear about the size and type of the Carpet. You have to measure the floor space where you want to place it. Here we are talking about a contemporary room then you can take minimum colors carpet. You can take monochromic or plain carpet for it.

Beautiful color carpet
Carpet with Beautiful Color

Use Rugs for Giving Charm to a Room-

Round Style Carpet for the living room: –

Round shaped rugs are always considered as decorative carpets and are really suitable for living space. You can place it exactly at the center of the living room and can keep rest of the space empty. If you put the furniture at the round carpet border, it will look gorgeous.

Round style Carpet
Round style Carpet

Floor Area Rugs:-

If you want to use large carpet for your dining room or for the living room then you can select Modern wool carpet. A living room is only a room where you spend so much time with your friends, guest, and family. So you have to decorate it in good manner. When you place a beautiful handmade carpet in the living room, it will make the focal point. For the dining room, you can select wool carpet. If you want to place carpet in your bedroom then the woolen carpet is best because it provides warmth and cozy touch. You can select light and cool colors like blue, pink white. It will give the calm feel to the entire place.

Pick wall hanging Rugs or Carpets: –

Rugs are versatile pieces so you can use it in different ways. Hanging rug on a wall can give the wall a wonderful look. If you hang your carpet without any support, it can fall down. So before hanging your carpet you have to add casing. The casing is a long banded strip of fabric which is that will secure the rod when the rug is mounted.

Wall Hanging carpet
Wall Hanging carpet

Carpet for entrance and transitional space-:

 When you are going to use a carpet as a doormat then the width of the carpet should be according to the door space and for the material, you can select cotton and wool. Please avoid silk carpet because this is a high traffic area and silk carpets are expensive. You can use a dark color carpet.

Beautiful carpet for Entrance
Beautiful carpet for Entrance

Handmade carpet for staircase: –

 You can use a long contemporary carpet for staircase. Before selecting carpet, you must know the total length of stair, length and width of individual satire steps.

carpet for stair
carpet for stair

Handmade area rugs are available in many sizes and various designs and color combinations. So buy a modern carpet and give a unique look to your living space while channeling your inner interior designer.

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