Best DIY Christmas decorating ideas in Low budget

Christmas is a day to celebrate happiness together. This is the biggest festival for Western people but we all are interested to celebrate this festival. Christmas is just about to come so we all need to decorate our homes in a unique and beautiful way. Take a pen and paper, make list of items which you want to buy from the market. There are unlimited options available in market if you want to spend money. But if you don’t have much money to spend then read this article and create your own decorative items for your home. Making your own Christmas decorations can be really fun. Start a new holiday tradition by creating your own decorations. Follow these three tips for making homemade items to decorate your home-

1) Create ornaments for your Christmas tree:

As we know that Christmas tree is a best symbol of celebration for Christmas. This is a centre piece if we talk about Christmas. So you need to decorate it first. For decorating your Christmas tree, follow this method and make your own ornaments

Christmas Tree in Living Room
Christmas Tree in Living Room

For making Clay or wheat flour toys:

➢ Take Clay and mix it with water and leave it for three minutes for settle down. You can also use Wheat flour instead of clay.
➢ After that, distribute your mixed flour in small dough’s.
➢ Use a rolling pin to flatten the dough out evenly but make sure that your dough does not stick to it.
➢ Use your cookie cutter to shape your jewelry. Separate your jewelry from the dough and put them on your drying surface for dry. Some great Christmas shapes are included– Star, snowmen, santa clues, doll, deer’s etc. according to your choice. 
➢ Before its dried fully, make one hole in it so that you can attach it with Christmas tree.
➢ When these toys get dried then decorate it using glitter, sparkles, colors, etc. 
➢ Add these toys to your Christmas tree and give a fantastic look.  

2) Make your own Christmas wreath:

➢ First, collect accessories which you need for making your beautiful wreath like green branches of plants, flowers, ribbon, wire base etc. 
➢ Make a bundle of green branches according to your choice. If you like to make a thin wreath then make a thick bundle or remove extra greenery and make a thin bundle
➢ Before you can make a bundle, you may have to use a wire cutter to cut your greenery into pieces for giving a uniform size. On the basis of the type of greenery you use, you may need to remove extra twigs and branchesWear gardening gloves to protect your hands.
➢ Take your wire base and attach this bundle to the wire base. 
➢ Decorate it with flowers and ribbon
➢ After decorating your wreath, hang it on your door
➢ You can also add a welcome card or Marry Christmas. 

Create a pole using old carpet:

Carpet is always used for decoration purpose of a home while it is used to enhance the beauty of floor or wall hanging. You should use new and attractive handmade area rugs for decorating your home or surface. If you have any carpet which is very old and useless and you don’t want it in your home but you can use it for the decorating purpose. You can Check Rugs and beyond For Beautiful Christmas Area Rugs and carpet in reasonable price.
Carpet for Christmas
Carpet for Christmas
➢ Take your carpet and roll it like Christmas tree from front side. So that you can show the color and design of carpet. 
➢ After rolling this, stick it using tape.
➢ Put it horizontally like a tree.
➢ After that decorate it using ribbon and balloons and give a new look.

Now you don’t need to spend money, 
follow the above ideas and make your own decorative items. 

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