3 Best ideas to decorate your Bed Room

A Bedroom is a sacred place where one rests his tired soul after a long days work. This space should have a personalized design and should evoke a sense of style. There are several ideas to enhance the beauty of your bedroom. From doing the walls, to changing the upholstery and decorating the overall space per se, the one thing one should not forget is to place a beautiful rug that one would wake up to every morning.  A bedroom should be such that it can provide warmth and comfort to a person and has a calming affect on the overall space of the home.

Ensure light colored walls:

A bedroom is at its best with light colored textured walls. A neutral toned wall texture makes the room appear bigger than it actually is. One can either use a wallpaper or a nice wall paint that would make it easy to match the rest of the decor. A dark colored tone would make the entire room look dingy and it would be extremely hard to complement the rest of the decor. Also, one can hang a mirror or a statement piece of art to make the bedroom even more attractive.

                                         A light colored wall magnifying overall decoration 

Place decorative accents:

The most ideal way to beautify your bedroom is to place stunning pillows, adorn your wall with family photos and paintings. One can also place bed lamps on each side of the bed and some candles to exude some soothing fragrance in the overall space. One quick tip is to ensure that the decor of the space doesn’t match 100% of the interiors of the room. As long as it complements the decor, one should be good to go.

Spread a Gorgeous rug:

What is a room without a stunning rug? It’s like a wall without a painting. Moreover, you don’t want to step on a bare floor on a cold wintery morning. Placing a beautiful rug on the bed front will add that extra finesse to your space. For the bed-side, long narrow runners are recommended depending on the size of the space available. There are a number of factors to consider while purchasing a good quality handmade rug like color combination, design, pattern, knots per square inch. It is also important to make sure that the rug matches with the rest of the decor and enhances the overall beauty of the living space. Another factor to consider is the budget and one has to make sure where to buy these rugs from so that it doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket.

home decor with Rug.jpg
                                                              A beautiful Handmade Rug

Therefore, stop procrastinating and follow the aforementioned quick fix tips to enhance the beauty of your bedroom space. Additionally, remove all the excess clutter and unwanted stuff to make your bedroom look great. Its almost 2017, why not begin your new year with new stuff around the house and make it look even more beautiful and inviting. Lastly, another quick tip would be to have a grand entrance, which will evoke a sense of luxury to the overall interior design of the space.

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